Sightseeing walk in London!

We started our walk at Waterloo Station with its famous clock!

Walking out toward the river you get to see the London eye, and go past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben which is sadly under repair.

Cross over Westminster Bridge and straight on towards St James Park, a beautiful place that leads right up to Buckingham Palace!

On the right of Buckingham Palace is Green Park – if you walk straight down the middle you get to the Wellington Arch at the other side – when we went it had a GIANT heart in it!

There were even some soldiers on horseback riding past.

Just behind Wellington Arch is Hyde Park – the big Serpentine lake is beautiful on a sunny day… we found another heart there too

Cross the bridge over the lake and walk towards the Albert Memorial which is opposite the Albert Hall where many concerts are performed.

Just behind the Albert Hall is a road with lots of Museums – Exhibition Road.

We stopped off at the Natural History Museum and did a treasure hunt from the company ‘Breadcrumbs’ we got sent clues on messenger and had to find certain objects in the museum! Get a friend to help you – some of the clues are hard!

After lots of walking and sights, we got a bus home from there.

Thanks to Faith Ridley for her drawing!

April 16, 2018 8:32 pm